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$430,000 Barn Find: 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Drophead Coupé

Imagine it’s 1954. WWII is long over. Ex-soldiers are now raising young families in the fresh suburbs. Post-war rebuilding fuels the economy. You live among the sweetly curving, hilly, tree-lined roads of rural New England. And you drive them in one of only 102 Aston Martin DB2/4s drophead coupés ever built.

We’re not sure if that dreamy driving scenario ever took place, but if it did, you can buy the DB2/4, including Massachusetts license plates, straight out of the dream.

The gentleman who has owned the car since 1962 has decided it’s time to sell. But the car has been stored in a barn since last being on the road in 1977. So there’s significant rust, the leather of the seats are cracked and torn and the original paint has long since peeled away.

So how is it that a car in such seemingly bad condition is expected to get £250,000 when it goes on auction at Bonhams in London?

Well, the body might be weak, but the heart is still strong.

Despite being on the road for over 20 years, the DB 2/4 has only 35,000 kms on the odometer. The engine, designated as a VB6J (a larger version of the VB6E, which was originally designed by W. O. Bentley himself), is in surprisingly good shape, considering its age and the poor condition of the rest of the car.

Another bonus is that the car comes with the original owner’s manual, jack, grease gun and spark plug holder.

Putting it as only a British classic car auctioneer can, a representative bonham’s stated the reason for the high value of the car this way:   

“With exceptional rarity and an unmatchable provenance, this is a special example of the breed, deserving of sympathetic restoration.”

If you’d like to snap up this very special and rare Aston Martin, you better hurry. It goes on the block on June 2 in London.If you manage to buy it and get it back to Toronto, we’d love to have a look. If you have any Aston Martin, new or old, and you’re looking for the best dealer alternative repairs and service in Toronto and the GTA, we’d like to see you too!


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