speed is one of the new features from jaguar land rover

3 Advanced Future Features from Jaguar Land Rover

When most of us think of the features of Jaguar Land Rover vehicle, we think of the same sorts of things. Things like poised road capability and performance, the latest security standards, exterior design and interior refinement. Not to mention every creature comfort and convenience.

But taking a look into the future, at Jaguar Land Rover vehicle features under development, it may be difficult to pigeon-hole them in any of those usual ways.

Look Out for These Features from Jaguar Land Rover in the Near Future

From your personal health, to pioneering automotive artificial intelligence applications, get ready future Jaguars and Land Rovers with some of the following features.

  1. Your New Jaguar Might Be Made from Your Old Jaguar – JLR has a long history of environmental consciousness. The company has updated its aluminum closed-loop strategy with a recycling initiative that will see aluminum from JLR vehicles at the end of life being transformed into a high-grade alloy for use in new vehicles.
  2. Drive at the Perfect Speed to Get Where You’re Going as Fast as Possible – Of course, without traffic signals, we probably wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without bumping into someone. But they are as annoying as they are necessary. JLR wants to add it’s latest V2X (vehicle to everything) technology application, the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, or GLOSA, to at least reduce the frustration of constant stops and starts in city driving. In other words, they want to keep your Jag or Landy moving, which is what it should be doing.

    Fewer stops and starts reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, which can reduce your Jaguar and Land Rover auto repair bills.
  3. Imagine Driving a Jaguar or Land Rover for its Health Benefits – Who doesn’t want to be in an environment that helps stop the spread of colds, flu and other viruses? But who would have thought that the environment might be inside your Jaguar? The company believes it can stop the spread of bacteria and viruses with the vehicle’s ventilation system. More than just another HEPA filter, JLR’s system would use UV-C light to breakdown the molecular structure of the germs.

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