What You Get if You Get a New Goldfinger-Spec Aston Martin DB5

What You Get if You Get a New Goldfinger-Spec Aston Martin DB5

When you get a moment, even right now, google “the most famous car in the world”. There are entire books written about it. The original has been missing since 1997. And one of the other two models used in the film production sold at an auction in August, 2019, for US$6.4 million.

If that intro and the title above aren’t clues enough, we speak of James Bond’s 1963 Aston Martin DB5, which made its debut in 1964’s Goldfinger, the third James Bond flick. 

To say it’s the “most famous” car really doesn’t do it justice. The “Batmobile” is famous. But, in the case of the Goldfinger-Spec Aston Martin DB5, it’s arguable whether the car made James Bond films more popular, versus the other way around.

To celebrate the iconic model, Aston Martin recently began delivery of 25 DB5 “Goldfinger” continuation cars. (Continuation cars are replicas of cars no longer in production, but built according to original standards and blueprints. In the case of the Goldfinger DB5 continuation car, the new cars were built in the same factory as the originals, using many of the same construction techniques, including hammering and rolling body panels).

Of course, all 25 examples were eagerly snapped up for a cool £2.75 million each (CDN $4.7 million). 

What You Get in a DB5 Goldfinger Continuation Car

While it’s still as aesthetically pleasing as when it first roared across the screen, there’s no denying that the gadgetry of the Goldfinger-Spec Aston Martin DB5 is a big part of its mystique. Here are just some of the features and similarities included in the continuation car, according to MotorAuthority.


The new Goldfinger DB5 uses a similar mild-steel chassis and solid rear axle as the original. The power plant is a newer version of the original 4.0 litre inline 6, fuelled by three SU carburetors.  It produces an eager 290 horsepower.


This is the bit you’ve been waiting for, right? While some of the gadgets are simulations (like the guns!), a surprising number are fully operational. Here we go:

Fully functional 

  • Revolving license plate
  • Rear smoke screen
  • Bullet-resistant rear screen
  • Front and rear fender extensions
  • Oil slick delivery system
  • Under-seat weapons tray


  • Front-mounted guns
  • Interior radar screen 


  • Ejection seat

With all that authenticity and fun packed into the DB5, it’s what you don’t get in the car (other than the ejection seat) that may be most disappointing. The car hasn’t undergone certification and would not be considered street legal in Canada.

In other words,  for all that cash and dash, you get a car that you can’t drive on the road.

Regardless of the circumstances, if you’re an Aston Martin driver or fan, this is exciting news. And if your Aston needs service or repair, schedule an appointment with us at Westminster Motors, where we offer dealer-equivalent Aston Martin, Land Rover and Jaguar parts and service.

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