Here Are 2 Jaguar Predictions No One Would Have Made 5 Years Ago

2 Jaguar Predictions No One Would Have Made 5 Years Ago

Ask Jaguar drivers to describe in three words why they are enthusiasts of the marque and those words are very likely to include: performance, refinement and tradition. Going back to the earliest SS Jaguar 100, those words would hold true for virtually every model the company has designed and built.

But, as Dylan sang over 50 years ago, the times they are a changin’. And when the times change, tradition it difficult to maintain. To make it even tougher on traditionalists, the times are changing in automotive design and development perhaps even faster than the societal changes that Dylan wrote about.

Would You Have Predicted These Two Things About Jaguar Even 5 Years Ago

Thinking about the “tradition” of Jaguar, a number of things come to mind. The company owns the market for a “bur walnut and leather” interior. Its engines, including the XK-E’ 3.8 L6, 5.3 L V12 and today’s Ingenium power plants, are also legendary. And, no matter who owns it, the company is iconically British.

With all that said, we would have scoffed at anyone predicting the following even a scant 5 years ago.

  • Jaguar Wins World Car of the Year Award – With an All-Electric SUV! – About the matter of changing times, an all-electric Jaguar is one thing, but we could add that the company was exclusively and staunchly a car designer and manufacturer, not an SUV in sight, until the F-Pace hit the streets in 2016.

  • There’s a Reasonable Chance that Jaguar’s Will No Longer Be Built in Britain – It was easy enough to get over the foreign ownership of the company. Fortunately, both Ford and Tata left the company to its own devices for the most part.

    But the no-deal Brexit that Britain is heading for under Boris Johnson could change all that. Parts may be delayed at the border and that could increase costs enough to threaten the existence of the company. The solution? Move manufacturing to the continent. If you think that will never happen, the Land Rover Discovery is now built in Slovakia and so too will the new Defender.

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