Jaguar Transmission Shifting Tips

4 Tips Keep Your Jaguar’s Transmission Shifting Smoothly

So how important is the part of your Jaguar that transmits the power of the engine through your drive-train to the rubber that meets the road? Without your transmission, you’d be stuck in one gear.

The importance and complexity of your Jaguar’s transmission means that, if and when you have a problem, you’ll likely be without the use of your car and it could need a major repair.

It pays to do everything you can to be aware of any signs of transmission trouble keep it operating as it should. Here are a few ways you can help to extend the life of your transmission:

1. Check and Top-Up Transmission Fluid

The fluid in your transmission cools and lubricates the transmission and its internal parts, and it provides the hydraulic power that shifts the gears. Make sure the fluid level is checked regularly as it deteriorates over time. Consistently low fluid levels are a major cause of transmission problems.

2. Look for Leaks

Always check your driveway, garage floor and the underside of your car for any signs of leaks. If you suspect you have a leak, have your Jaguar serviced as soon as you can.

3. Keep the Engine Tuned & Check Drive-train Components

If your engine and/or drivetrain are not running properly, it can stress your transmission and cause premature wear and tear.

4. Properly Warm-Up Your Jaguar

This is especially important in cold weather. The transmission fluid’s viscosity is different at colder temperatures and it does not have the same operating properties as when it is heated. This doesn’t mean you need to leave your Jaguar idling for an extended period after cold start, but just drive it somewhat gently until there is some heat in the engine and transmission.

5. Get Your Car Serviced at a Qualified Jaguar Service & Repair Centre

Hopefully you choose Westminster Motors to service your transmission. But whichever service centre you choose, make sure they specialize in Jaguar cars, use genuine Jaguar parts, according to Jaguar workshop repair manuals, with warranty-approved equipment and materials.

By putting a little time and effort into being more aware of the health of your transmission, you’ll spend a lot more time on the road enjoying your Jag.