Westminster outlines a list of driving mistakes you probably make

5 Driving Mistakes You Probably Make

Yes, you. Even if you’ve invested in luxury a performance vehicle like a Jaguar, Land rover, Aston Martin or Bentley, we believe at least one of the following is a driving mistake you probably make.

Of course, no driver is perfect. We’re all guilty of making common driving mistakes from time to time. Even professional drivers aren’t error-free. The goal is to be more aware of your bad habits and mistakes and take steps to avoid them in the future.

Do You Make Any of These Driving Mistakes?

The list of driving mistakes can be endless. Here’s a select few that many drivers may not be aware of, or that are often ignored, or considered ‘normal’.

  1. Driving Position – Most drivers’ seating position is too far from the steering wheel. It might feel more comfortable, but it can make it more difficult to control the vehicle in an emergency maneuver. Your elbows should be at or close to your side when your hands are on the top of the wheel.
  2. Going Through a Yellow Light – Generally, a yellow light means that you must stop, unless you can’t so safely. Otherwise, proceed with caution. It doesn’t mean, “gun it if there’s any chance of making it”.
  3. Driving Too Closely – You should remain two-seconds behind the car in front of you. How do you know what are two seconds? Use a lamppost, lane marking or other marker and start counting “one thousand, two thousand” at a moderate pace when the back of the vehicle in front of you crosses the marker. If the front of your vehicle crosses the marker at or before “two thousand”, you’re too close.
  4. Not Properly Maintaining Your Vehicle – This may not be a driving error, but it can affect your driving. A great deal of regular vehicle maintenance, including brake pads and tire pressure, are directly related to the safe control of your vehicle.
  5. Distracted Driving – New, more stringent distracted driving laws came into effect in Ontario at the start of the year. In addition to hand-held cell phone use, distracted driving includes using any handheld electronic entertainment device, viewing display screen that are unrelated to your driving and programming a GPS device by hand. Distracted drivers are unable to pay attention to controlling the vehicle, their reaction times are severely reduced and, very often, their eyes are off the rod.

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