electric powered Jaguar

The Electric Powered Jaguar of the (very near) Future

Pretend you own a classic E-Type roadster (and if you actually do own a classic E-Type roadster, you can play along too!). What do you think you would like most about the car?

Would it be the throaty exhaust note you hear as you gear down into a corner? The sound of the six-cylinder XK engine as it roars to life on ignition? The g-force thrill-ride as you perfectly time the red-line gear change under acceleration?

While there are lots of other reasons for owning a Jag, those listed above, many of the iconic traits of the marque, may not be around for very much longer. Soon, new Jaguars may not have an exhaust system, gearbox or even a gasoline engine.

The electric powered Jaguar Promise

Early in September, JLR hosted its first-ever Tech Fest in London. The free festival showcased some of JLR’s future tech. The company chose the Tech Fest as the setting to announce that, by 2020, every Jaguar and Land Rover model will have an ‘electrified’ variant.

While we’re all aware of the coming electric revolution in motoring, it doesn’t make it any easier to part with the very thing that made a Jaguar, well, a Jaguar.

But take heart, while it sounds like it’s a sudden end to traditional power, there’s really no timetable for the complete transformation to an electric powered Jaguar. First, the announcement said “every new Jaguar Land Rover model line will be electrified from 2020”.

It means that traditional power will remain in place for the foreseeable future and buyers can choose either a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully-electric version of the Jaguar model they want to own.

So this is not like the Volvo announcement that every car they make will be electrified by 2019. But, if the reasons you own and enjoy a Jaguar have anything to do with gearboxes, exhaust notes or a purring engine, you might want to stock up on your favourite models. And Westminster Motors will help keep them running for a very long time.