F-Pace Gets an ‘A’ – Two of Them Actually

Imagine browsing through the Forbes website, yes, that Forbes, the one famous for its 400 Richest Americans List, its list of the World’s Billionaires and its rankings of the world’s 2,000 top companies, and seeing an article titled, “Here Are The Six Best Cars in the World Right Now”.

When you work with Jaguars and Land Rovers like we do here at Westminster, it’s natural to think that they are ‘the best cars in the world’ now and always. It’s why we chose to work with them over all other car marques.

Of course, they have both been included in innumerable ‘best’, ‘most beautiful’ and ‘top performing’ sorts of lists since they first hit the streets.

What was it that Enzo Ferrari said about the E-Type?

But there are those out there who sometimes feel differently than we do. So when you see these sorts of lists, Jags and Landies might not even be included.

But the title of this article captured our imaginations for a couple reasons.

1. 6 not 10

The idea that this was a list of the ‘six best’ cars meant it was an even more exclusive list than the usual ‘top ten’.

2. ‘Right Now’

With brand new models in both the Jag and Landy line-ups, we knew that their offering is as strong ‘right now’ as it has ever been.

A quick read of the opening paragraph gave us even more reason for us to see this list as one of the most comprehensive that we’ve seen recently. In fact, the cars on the list were the recipients of The World Car Awards, which are administered by a Toronto-based non-profit organization. The winning cars in six categories are chosen by 75 jurors located in 23 countries.

Without further ado, ‘The World Car of the Year’ and the ‘World Car Design of the Year’ awards for 2017 go to:

The Jaguar F-Pace.

Amazing! Jaguar does it yet again. This time with the first SUV they’ve ever made. It’s a really incredible story for Jaguar.

Among other points, Peter Lyon, Chairperson of the World Car Awards, had this to say about the F-Pace. “The F-Pace is the first SUV that actually turns heads. Many of our 75 jurors voted for the F-Pace not just because it’s Jaguar’s first-ever SUV, but because the R&D team did such a great job with the vehicle’s industry-leading design, sports car-like driving dynamics, well-weighted steering, high comfort levels, competitive price and superb engine range, especially the supercharged 3.0-liter with eight-speed transmission.”

This is high praise from an impartial observer. Make no doubt about it, Jaguar Land Rover is on the leading edge of automotive design – right now.