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Get Into an Aston Martin Vantage for 1/3 the Price

More than most, Aston Martins are the cars of dreams. From its refined performance to it’s racing heritage and James Bond mystique. It’s a car that many people aspire to own, yet relatively few ever do.

Despite all the fancy words and imagery, there’s one big reason why most people who want to drive an Aston never do. They’re expensive. And that makes them even more desirable.

But if you can’t quite swing the down payment on a 2018 Aston Martin Vantage, you can still assume ownership of the car of your dreams.

Previously-Owned Aston Martin Vantages

The beauty of a previously owned Aston is that owners rarely put excessive mileage on them.

We recently found a 2006 Vantage, sporting the famous, all-alloy 380 HP 4.3 litre V8, with just 33,982 kms, on Autotrader for $59,995.

The original specs on this car are still impressive 12 years later.

  • 302 lb, ft. of torque
  • 0 to 100 kms in under 6 seconds
  • Double-aluminum wishbone suspension
  • All-aluminum body
  • 10-way electrically adjustable seats.

But, regardless of the price, low kms and high-performance features, buying a used Aston Martin comes with the same concern as buying any used cars: is the care mechanically sound?

Aside from certification and Carproof reports, here are just a few other things to look for to help you get a good deal in a previously owned Aston Martin.

Proper Service Records

The brawny V8 is reliable as long as its well-taken care of. Ask for service records and check out where the car has been serviced.

Check the Tires

They are often not exactly the right size. As always, look for good rubber so you won’t have to face the expense of replacing them too soon.

Make Sure the AC and Heating Work

These are not cheap to fix and, again, you don’t need any additional costs after you buy.

If You’re Buying in Winter

Some of the Aston’s parts protest against cold temperatures, including squawking alternator belts and a sticky transmission in lower gears


Aluminum doesn’t rust. If you see obvious rust, it could be a bad body repair.

Clutch Replacement

Ask when it was replaced. They should last about 40,000 kms.

Bring it to Westminster

We’d be happy to give your Aston an expert going over and offer our professional opinion about it’s mechanical and overall condition.

See you soon!