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How to Reduce Costs of Jag & Land Rover Repair

Many of us grew up dreaming of one day owning one. Some of us had that dream come true. But Jaguar and Land Rover repairs and maintenance costs can turn the dream into a bit of a nightmare.

The reasons why high-end cars are more costly to service and repair are obvious. They include higher quality parts and more extensive training for technicians. But none of that makes it any easier to look at the invoice when you pick up your Jaguar or Land Rover from the repair shop.

4 Ways to Reduce Costs of Jag & Land Rover Repair and Maintenance Costs

Fortunately, there are ways to keep repair and maintenance costs to a minimum. Not only will these work for Jaguars and Land Rovers, but for other high-performance British automobiles, including Aston Martin and Bentley.

1. Keep the Vehicle Well Maintained

This may sound counter-intuitive to reducing your maintenance costs. But if you think the costs of maintaining and Jaguar or Land Rover are high, take a look at the costs of repairing one that hasn’t been regularly and/or properly maintained. Maintaining your vehicle is one of the best safeguards against unpleasant surprise costs later on.

2. Ask Questions

When you visit a dealership or service centre, you might be told about lots of things that need attention to your vehicle. But don’t simply accept the service representative’s advice that something must be fixed. Especially when it’s relatively vague, like ‘your brakes need work’, ask them to be specific about the repair and why it is needed.

3. Check Your Work Order Before Paying for the Repair

You’ll be surprised at how often things will appear on a completed work order that wasn’t there when the order was written. There may be no malicious intent. Sometimes something that needs repair is found and it is simply fixed, but without your approval. You shouldn’t have to pay for work that you didn’t authorize.

4. Use a Dealership Alternative

You aren’t required by your warranty to maintain and repair your Jaguar or Land Rover at a JLR dealer. But beware, not every automotive service center that claims they service Jaguars and Land Rovers is a dealer-alternative repair shop.

Dealer-alternative repair and maintenance facilities use warranty-approved parts and fluids for all the work they do on your vehicle. They have service technicians with specialized training to know how to service Jaguars and Land Rovers. And they use dealership-equivalent licensed and approved diagnostic and programming equipment for your vehicle.

If you’re looking for the best dealership-alternative Jaguar and Land Rover repairs and maintenance in Toronto and the GTA, contact Westminster Motors today.