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How to Prevent Land Rover Theft

There’s a major drawback to owning and driving one of the most desirable vehicles in the world. The problem is that they are one of the most desirable vehicles in the world. That makes thefts of Land Rovers and Range Rovers a major problem.

But you don’t have to just accept the problem of Land Rover theft. There are a number of ways that you can help stop your Landy from being stolen.w

5 Tips to Prevent the Theft of Your Land Rover

First, the idea that “if thieves want it, they’re going to have it” is quite true. So it’s a mistake to think that if you buy the latest, most sophisticated theft prevention system you’ll be immune from having your Land Rover stolen.

Instead, it’s best to think of the security of your vehicle in terms of layers. The more layers of security you have, the less chance there is of the vehicle being stolen.

Think of it this way. If the only security you had on the vehicle was the door locks, you’d have one level of security. Thieves would only have to get past those and off they go. But if you put other security precautions in place, at some point, the time and effort of getting past them all isn’t worth it.

Here are just a few suggestions for added security on your Land Rover.

  1. Steering Wheel Locks – This one helps in a couple ways. First, it is an added layer of security, but it is also a highly visible deterrent. You can also use pedal and gear-shift locks.
  2. Engine Immobilisers – Best installed by a specialized Land Rover Jaguar parts and service facility, immobilizers stop the engine from being started or stop a running engine.
  3. GPS Tracking Devices – If you can track your stolen vehicle after it’s stolen, you have a better chance of finding it. But don’t expect to catch the thieves. They know many vehicles are equipped with tracking devices and don’t leave them in places that reveal the thieves’ location.
  4. Lock It Up – Not just the door locks, but if you can get your Landy into your garage, that would be helpful. Failing that, if you have another vehicle that isn’t as much an object of a thief’s desire, park it behind the Landy. Also, keep your driveway lit and monitor it with surveillance cameras.
  5. Protect Your Key Fobs – When not in use, keep your keys as far away from the doors and windows of your home as you can. If thieves can pick up the fob’s signal, they can imitate it and use it to drive away in your vehicle. If you like having your keys near the front door, try using a metal lock box.

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