Westminster Motors compares synthetic oil and why it is better than conventional motor oil

Why Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional Motor Oil?

Considering its higher cost, we shouldn’t have to ask why is synthetic oil better. It should be better at those prices!  Synthetic oil can cost four times as much as a similar amount of conventional engine oil.

But, as is often the case, comparing sticker prices may not be a good indication of the true differences in cost between standard motor oil and synthetics.

Differences Between Synthetic and Conventional Oils

All motor oils, synthetic or conventional, start as crude oil. They are all refined to some extent. And that’s where the similarities end. Full synthetic motor oils go through additional processes beyond refinement. They are distilled, purified and broken down to a basic molecular level. Not only does that allow for the removal of more impurities from the oil, but it also lets manufacturers “tailor” the oil for the demands of car engines.

There are oils that are a “synthetic blend”, which is a mix between synthetics and conventional oils. For our purposes, any discussion of synthetics refers to high-quality full synthetic oil.  

4 Reasons Why Synthetic Oil is Better Even at the Higher Cost

Now that we’re starting to get an idea of why synthetics are more expensive, let’s look at some of their benefits.

  1. Longer Engine Life – Being stripped down to its molecules means synthetics are made to a uniform molecular size. This means less friction in your engine and less engine wear.
  2. Longer Oil Change Intervals – Synthetics keep their performance properties longer than conventional oils. Oil change drain intervals are at least about one-third longer with synthetics and can be four times longer in some vehicles.
  3. Wider Operating Range – Engine wear can increase exponentially at extremely low or high temperatures. Synthetics continue to protect the engine at higher temperatures and maintains its viscosity at lower temperatures than conventional versions.
  4. Cleaner Engine – In addition to reducing emissions, synthetics minimize sludge buildup and generally keep the engine cleaner than conventional oil, which helps to improve mileage results.

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