Westminster Motors lists the best land rover accessories in today's article

The Best Accessories for Your Land Rover

Choosing the best Land Rover accessories is no easy task. When you’re talking about the pacesetter of luxury sport utility vehicles, there’s almost no end to the manufacturer accessories you can purchase, and that’s not to mention an even longer list of aftermarket add ons.

So we thought we’d look for those manufacturer accessories that may be somewhat unusual, but that are no less practical, for this list of items you can use to make your Land Rover uniquely yours. And besides, just like you prefer Jaguar and Land Rover auto repair using warranty-approved service, these are all warranty-approved accessories!

Best Accessories for Land Rover Discovery and Discovery sport

Another reason for not being able to say that any list is the “best” is because of the different tastes and requirements of different drivers. Regardless of your personal preferences, we found the accessories on this list particularly interesting.

  1. Pet Carrying Accessories – Full of carrying accessories for front and rear, interior and exterior, the LR accessories brochures for both the Disco and Disco Sport devote four pages to pet carrying accessories, including a pet access ramp to help pets get into and out of the vehicle and a spill-resistant water bowl.If there was a “best of” in the pet accessory category, we’d award it to the Portable Rinse System. It delivers a minimum of two minutes of continuous water flow through a garden-style nozzle, without the need for an external power source. Not only can you rinse your pets often after a romp in the mud, but you can do the same for your bicycle or other sports equipment.
  2. Universal Lift & Load System – Of course, there are a variety of roof boxes to choose from. But the lift & Load System is actually for your garage. It attaches to the ceiling of the garage so you can lift the roof box onto and off of the vehicle, and store the box out of the way when it’s not in use.
  3. Personalized, Illuminated Sill Tread Plates – Maybe not as useful as the others on this list, but perhaps the coolest of all. You can welcome yourself and front seat passengers into your Discovery Sport with door sill plates, illuminated with your name, or any other words you want to welcome them with, in your choice of fonts.

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