Land rover headlines

Must be a Land Rover: Unbelievable Headlines that Must be About a Landy

Lots of vehicle manufacturers use words like ‘unique’, ‘iconic’ and ‘legendary’ to describe their vehicles. But on closer inspection, they are no more of any of those things that any other vehicle. In other words, their claims are just that: words.

So how do you separate the true legends and icons; those who are inherently unique? Check the news headlines.

Take a look at the following news stories that could only be about Land Rovers.

Land Rover Emerges from Beach After 30 Years – July 11, 2017 – On January 13th, 1990, Ronnie Haney drove his family to the water’s edge of a Cornwall, England, beach in a then 22 year-old Land Rover. Unfortunately, the exact spot he chose to park was over an area of soft sand. When he tried to move the vehicle, the beach wouldn’t let it budge. By the time Ronnie managed to find help, the tide had come in. When he returned the next day to try to reclaim his Landy, all that was visible was the chassis and four wheels (no word on how the vehicle ended upside down)

Tracked Cuthbertson Land Rover to go on the Auction Block – July 14, 2017 – OK, so this Land Rover, customized with tank-like tracks instead of wheels and tires, was put together in 1958, but the news is that you have a shot at owning it. Built by James Cuthbertson, who created rubber tracks for military vehicles to replace the usual steel tracks, this Land Rover would be great ride in even the harshest Toronto winter. It’s scheduled to be auctioned at Chichester, Goodwood, UK, on September 9, 2017. That’s lots of time for you to make travel arrangements to be there, but make sure to pack at least $83,000 Canadian, which is the low end of what it’s expected to fetch.

Teen Inherits ‘Piece of His Dad’ – July 14, 2017 – Every Land Rover owner knows that vehicle occupies a place in their hearts like no other. U.S. Air Force Special Agent Ryan A. Balmer, who owned a 2003 Land Rover Discovery, was no different. Sadly, Special Agent Balmer was killed in action in 2007. Balmer’s son Anthony, who was seven when his father passed away, remembers enjoying ride-along’s in the Land Rover with his dad and family. The senior Balmer even started showing Anthony the basics of Land Rover maintenance, like oil changing. Anthony turned 18 on July 14 and proudly received the keys to his late father’s Land Rover, which his mother put in storage for him shortly after his father passed away.

Only in a Land Rover you say? Yes, only in a Land Rover.