Want to Own a ‘Brand New’ 1978 Range Rover

Other marques might offer lots of technical specs, or trendy features, or higher price tags, but there is one thing for which no other company can compare to Jaguar Land Rover. Timelessly classic designs.

Of course, when thinking of JLR’s classic designs, the E-Type is first to mind, but it’s just one of many Jaguar sedan and sports car designs that are symbolic of their respective eras.

And Land Rover is no slouch at presenting iconic forms either. From the Land Rover Series 1 to the new Range Rover Velar, every Land Rover cuts an unmistakable profile, on or off the road.

While there can be any number of criteria for what makes a design ‘classic’, one is simple staying power. When a vehicle design remains basically unchanged for an extended run, it must have something going for it.

The Range Rover Classic

Another hallmark of classic design it that it tends to set the standard for other designs in its category. Nowhere is that more true than in the design of the original Range Rover. Not only did it enjoy a production run of over a quarter century, but it single-handedly created the luxury SUV segment. And many feel its original design has yet to be matched.

So what if you could get your hands on a ‘brand new’ 1978 Range Rover Classic? While we’re sure there are many Classics that were bought when new and have since been stashed in hidden collections around the world, the idea of actually buying a ‘new’ one from the factory is just a dream. Or is it?

Since 2016, JLR has offered vehicles restored under its Reborn program. 25 Reborn Series 1 Landies were made in 2016, and Jaguar’s Classic division did the same with 10 Reborn Series 1 E-Types. And the company recently announced a Reborn program for ten 1978 Range Rover Classics.

The Reborn program sees original vehicles stripped down and flawlessly restored by the factory to like-new condition.

So, while it’s not exactly like buying a brand-new, off-the-line classic Range Rover, it’s as close as you’ll ever get. At least if you have a spare $220,000 Cdn. lying around and manage to get your order in before the run of 10 are all snapped up (if they haven’t been already).