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Want to Find the Best Dealership-Alternative Service & Repairs? Check the Reviews

If you want to find a good restaurant and choose a movie to see after your meal, what do you do? You go online and check the reviews. It’s even true for choosing the car you drive. Reading online or magazine reviews can help you narrow your search.

But what about when you want dealership-alternative service and repairs for your Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, Bentley or Aston Martin? It’s not like you can find reviews of repair shops.

Or is it?

Use Online Reviews to Help You Choose the Best Dealership-Alternative Service & Repairs

Google keeps coming up ways for you to use them to find what you’re looking for. Knowing that it’s not enough to say “here’s a list of dealership-alternative repair shops”, they’ve added Google reviews to their search results.

It means that you can see how other people rate the services and businesses you look for, from your local butcher to your dentist.

The Reviews Keep Coming in for Westminster

As a business owner, it can be a little unsettling to know anyone can write something about you on the internet. There’s no real control over what they say.

But we’re flattered and, quite frankly, blown away by the almost universally high reviews we’ve received. Like you, we’re always suspicious when we see business reviews that seem high. But one of the good things about Google Reviews is you can check out other reviews left by the reviewer (so you know we didn’t just get our friends and family to leave reviews).

Here’s just a small sampling of what our customers have had to say recently.

“I have never experienced this level of obvious technical competence and service excellence at any Jag dealer I have ever dealt with in my over 20 years of owning and maintaining my Jaguars.”

“Well I just had another amazing customer service experience at Westminster Motor Corp.  This is the only place Land Rover owners should consider bringing their vehicles. Top notch service every time!!!!”

“One does not own a Jaguar for rational reasons.  One owns a Jag, because it’s a beautiful piece of art.  Yet, when you service a Jaguar at the dealership, you feel like you are an ATM machine for the dealership.  Westminster Motor does NOT make you feel like that. The owner, Avo, makes you feel like family. He understands why you own a Jaguar and knows your pains and pleasures from owning a car like that.”

You can see these and many other reviews by entering “Westminster Motor Corporation” into the Google search. When you do the search, a panel appears to the right of the search results with the reviews and other information for Westminster. Let’s us know what you think!