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When I was considering purchasing our first Range Rover, like many others I had my reservations about the brand based on the reviews and complaints of never ending nagging issues, electrical gremlins etc. While inquiring about used one, as a selling point the owner claimed that all of the service was done by Westminster. That was the first I heard of this company.

Before ultimately settling on a vehicle I decided to call and make an appointment for Westminster to check it out. Avo did not hesitate to accommodate my request and answered every question I had. His thorough inspection of the vehicle and sharing some of his unparalleled knowledge of the brand gave me the confidence to go ahead with it. That was 3 years ago, and my experience with the Supercharged Range Rover as well as with Westminster has far exceeded my expectations.

Avo is a true professional who has mastered what it means to provide phenomenal customer service. Many companies claim to deliver this but none do it like Avo and Westminster. I am very particular my vehicles and Avo always goes above and beyond to make sure I am happy. He is an incredibly trustworthy and genuine person to the point where now when I am in the market for a new vehicle, one of the requirements is that Avo will be able to service it because at this point I would go nowhere else.

If you are considering having your vehicle serviced anywhere else, do yourself a favour and call Avo, you definitely won’t be disappointed and will most likely find yourself writing one of these reviews.

Michael B.

“Incredible service and value always. Avo, you run a 1st class service!”

Paul Fenwick

“People always talk about some of the most important things you need in life is are certain people you can reply on and trust…a person who services your vehicle should be one of them. Since first coming to Avo and the Westminster group several years ago, I could no imagine even taking my Range Rover Sport anywhere else. Yes, they can fix your car well, but it is the attitude of always looking out for the customer’s best interest is evident.

To say you can “trust” your mechanic is something people rarely can say. I know this is true when dealing with these guys.

I would even take my non-Range Rover vehicle to them…they are that good.”

Dennis Garces

“These guys are simply the best. Responsible, very very professional and client oriented. 1000% recommended”

Fabián Torena

“After experiencing months of frustration about what could be wrong with my Rover, knowing there was something not right but being told time and time again the problem was fixed, I finally found relief when Avo and his team at Westminster looked at my truck. They took the time to find the problem, and always kept me in the loop. They provided customer service I have never seen before and helped me solve my problem so I could love my Truck again! Thank you so much Avo!”

Sean Campbell

Avo is an example of how all business owners running a service based company in this industry should be.
Well I just had another amazing customer service experience at Westminster Motor Corp. This is the only place Land Rover owners should consider bringing their vehicles. Top notch service everytime!!!!

Christy Spicer

We are a team driven by the passion for our own industry. At Westminster Motor we offer you, the customer, a convenient and cost effective alternative for service and repair of any Land Rover/Jaguar.


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