why you need winter tires on a Jaguar

Curb Hits: Why Your Jaguar Deserves Winter Tires

It may be a little late for this year. Or maybe not. But as we slog into the midst of winter, the debate over winter tires versus all-seasons rages once again as you find yourself asking: does a jaguar need winter tires?

To cut to the chase, winter tires are proven to offer better grip in winter conditions of snow and ice. In tests done by Consumer Reports, vehicles driving on ice with winter tires stopped, on average, 1.8 metres shorter than those equipped with all-seasons on the same surface. 

If that doesn’t sound like much, think about stopping just before the edge of a cliff, versus stopping the equivalent of six feet past the edge of the cliff. 

But the reason that the annual debate is never won or lost by either side has to do with the position held by proponents of keeping their all-seasons in place throughout the winter. They accept that winter tires offer better grip in ice and snow. However, they contend, especially in urban areas like Toronto, where snow and ice are cleared regularly, vehicles rarely actually travel in those conditions. 

How Curb Hits Can Damage Your Jaguar

Considering some of the accident damage we see during winter months, we’d like to put forth our own argument for winter tires: curb hits. While your Jaguar may have advanced ABS and traction control, winter conditions still mean that the vehicle will take a longer distance to stop. 

When you are making a left turn, especially on residential streets that haven’t been cleared, there is a good chance that the car may slide into the curb while the right-front wheel is pointed into the turn. In other words, the wheel and tire will strike the curb sideways, versus hitting it straight on with the tire alone. 

What damage can that do to your Jag? It depends on the speed of impact, but any of the following could result from a curb hit.

  • Suspension misalignment 
  • Broken tie-rods
  • Damaged control arms
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Premature tire wear
  • Damaged wheels – curb rash at least

If you suffer a curb hit this winter and notice any damage and/or performance issues with your car, call us here at Westminster Motors for dealer-equivalent Jaguar parts and service.

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