man working on Custom exhaust system for land rover

The Benefits of a Custom Exhaust System for Land Rovers

Why should you buy a custom exhaust system for a Land Rover or Range Rover? After all, you bought a Land Rover! You made the investment in a high quality, high-performance vehicle. So why should you make any changes to it?

The answer to that really is up to you. Yes, your Land Rover features a top-quality, high-performance exhaust system that meets the stringent standards set by the manufacturer. But there are some Land Rover owners who want to eclipse even Land Rover’s standards for high performance. And they are willing to customize their vehicles to get the performance they want.


4 Benefits of a Land Rover Custom Exhaust System

There are many benefits to installing a custom Land Rover performance exhaust system. But you owe it to yourself to give yourself one more benefit, even before you get the job done and that is to get top-quality Jaguar Land Rover parts and service at a dealer-equivalent facility.

  1. Your Vehicle Will Breathe Easier – This is the basis for every other advantage you can enjoy. Have you ever heard a high-performance athlete talking about the importance of proper breathing? The same is true for your Land Rover.
  2. Better Performance – Depending on your system, you can expect performance improvements in the range of 10% more brake horsepower and torque.
  3. Improved Mileage – Gas mileage numbers can improve as much as 12% with a new exhaust system and catalytic converter.
  4. Lower Emissions – A new exhaust system is also better for the planet, with up to 33% fewer emissions.

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