Tips on how to buy a classic car

How To Buy A Classic Car

We here at Westminster Motors are so very lucky. We never have to worry about how to buy a classic car because we get to see and work on many of them every day. We know what’s happening mechanically and approximate market values.

But not all classic cars for sale are as well taken care of as the ones in our shop. And not everyone who wants to buy a vintage car knows how to make sure they’re not getting into a money pit.  

3 Tips for Buying a Classic Car

Technically, any car that’s 25 years old or more can be considered a classic. Any time you buy anything that’s 25 years old, especially collector cars, it’s almost impossible to guarantee you won’t have any problems. But the following tips can help you find a great deal on the car of your dreams and maybe save thousands of dollars in repairs.

  1. Pick Your Car – The worst thing is to be all over the road (pardon the pun!) about the car you want. When you choose a specific car, including make, model and year, you are better able to focus on deep-diving into all the information and research available. That will help you refine your choice and make a more informed decision.

    If you aren’t set on a particular model, think about things like the availability of service for the vehicle you choose. We’ll be happy to give your classic Jaguar and Land Rover auto repair and service that’s just like what you would get from a dealer.

  2. Have a Budget and Stick To It – Even vintage automobiles are not necessarily a great investment. With an economy that’s been relatively unstable recently, when things go south, the first thing people stop buying is the purely frivolous purchases, like classic cars. Like gambling, you should budget only as much as you can afford to lose.

  3. Get a Professional Inspection – It’s more than worth a few hundred dollars to find a mechanic who specializes in a car you want to buy and ask him or her to inspect it for you.  If you’re thinking of buying a classic Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, Aston Martin or Bentley, call us here at Westminster, we’ll be happy to give your vehicle a complementary pre-purchase inspection before you buy the car.

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