Diligently cleaning your car will help prevent premature rusting. Figure out more tips how to prevent your car from rusting

How to Prevent Rust from Attacking Your Car

Fortunately, it’s not like the old days. Time was that even the most expensive automobiles were prone to rust sooner than later, and few people took the time to try to prevent rust on cars. Today, with better materials and treatments, quality vehicles like those our customers drive don’t show signs of rust very quickly at all. 

But, if you drive a classic Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin or Bentley, or you want to drive the one you have until it becomes a classic, then the sooner you take steps to prevent rust, the better. 

3 Ways to Prevent Rust on Your Car

Rust never sleeps and it loves Toronto’s damp winters and salt-covered roads. Of course, things like rust inhibitors and rust proofing spray can help protect your car and keep it rust-free. But here are just a few steps you can take to further minimize how much rust forms on your car.

  1. Keep it Clean All Over – Even if you have your car regularly cleaned, you may not be doing enough to prevent rust from shortening its lifespan. The reason a clean car is less susceptible to rust is that dirt, gunk, leaves, whatever, can hide in the cracks and crevices of your car. They all hold moisture against the body panels or structural components of the car. And you know what happens when moisture and metal meet. You may spend lots of time or money keeping the visible exterior of your car looking sharp, but it’s the hidden areas in the engine, under the car and in door openings where moisture can remain for extended periods if they’re not cleaned regularly.

  2. Think About Where You Park – Or course, parking on grass, dirt or poorly drained surfaces can help rust do its dirty work. But even well-paved surfaces of asphalt or concrete can be moisture traps too. Any crack in the surface can hold surprisingly large amounts of moisture. And it doesn’t evaporate so quickly because your car blocks the wind and sun. And even the environment in your garage, where snow melts every time you come home in winter, mixing with the road salt in carries, can be damaging to your car.

  3. Avoid Running on Empty – The more you drive with lower amounts of fuel in the tank, the higher the chances facing a somewhat costly replacement of a fuel pump module due to rust. The difference between the temperature of the fuel in the tank and outside air temperatures can cause condensation in the tank. The more air in your tank, the more condensation. Keep the tank full and the air out. 

But if you do need to replace a fuel pump, or anything else on your vehicle, get dealer equivalent Land Rover and Jaguar parts and service right here at Westminster.
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