aston martin winter storage

A Checklist for Taking Your Aston Martin Out of Winter Storage

Wooohoo!! It won’t be long now. The moment that every Aston Martin driver dreams about after they put their car away in the fall. When it’s time to get it out of storage and fire it up!

Except, while that might soothe the ache of not driving your Aston for the last few months, it might not be the best thing for the car. 

5 Things You Should Do Before You Fire Up Your Aston Martin This Spring

Even though it’s just been sitting there, things can happen to your car while it’s in storage. Use the following steps to prepare the Aston for its return to the road.

  1. Check It Over – Do a thorough visual inspection of the car. Check the body panels for damage. Look under the hood for signs of wear on wires, hoses and belts – and to find out if any wildlife enjoys your car as much as you do. While you’re under the hood, check all your fluid levels. Then look under the car for signs of leaks.

  2. Let it Air Out – Even if you detailed the interior before storage, many of the cleaning and preservation agents will have evaporated with nowhere to go. Open the windows a safe distance and let in the fresh air.

  3. Check the Battery – If you use a battery maintainer, you may be good to go, but not necessarily. Test the battery before you start the vehicle. If you didn’t use a maintainer, the battery is probably dead. The Aston’s electronics would have drained it. Even if you disconnected the battery, it is most likely dead due to a lack of charging.

  4. Check the Tires – If you followed our “5 Tips for Storing Your Classic Car in Winter”, you will have overinflated your tires by about 5 psi last fall to avoid flat spots. If the pressure is the same, deflate them to the correct pressure before driving off.

  5. Schedule a Spring Tune-Up – There’s nothing like hitting the road in a just-tuned Aston. Bring it into Westminster Motors for authentic Aston Martin, Land Rover and Jaguar parts and service.

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