The Most Unique Land Rover Ever

Land Rover has filled a unique role in the automotive world ever since it began to take shape at the tip of Maurice Wilks’ pen just after World War II. Yes, now there are other luxury SUVs, but Land Rover created the segment.

Over its 70-year history, Land Rover’s have accomplished a number of unique feats, from traversing every corner of the globe, to puling a 100-ton train, to mastering a downhill alpine ski slope and crossing a bridge made entirely of paper in Suzhou, China.

But, on September 8, 2017, Land Rover announced the launch of a brand-new vehicle that may be its most unique ever.

The vehicle has no motor, no wheels and no seats. In fact, it has no interior at all. It’s just shy of being six feet long, and is less than 3 inches high.

It’s a surfboard.

Jaguar Land Rover has a long history of supporting worthy causes. In addition to supporting military veterans in many of the countries in which it operates, the company also supports clean water and solar power initiatives in Kenya.

But Why a Surfboard?

Dubbed the Waste to Wave surfboard, it’s made entirely of recycled polymer ‘skeletons’ that support the clay models the company uses to help design its vehicles. In other words, there really is a Land Rover in every board – the first board was made from the polymers used to support a Discovery Sport clay model.

The project grew out an initiative to strengthen Jaguar Land Rovers’ commitment to achieving its zero-waste goal in the face of the estimated 8 million tonnes of plastics that are dumped in the world’s oceans every year.

It’s one thing to choose a vehicle due to its technological advancements, luxury appointments, performance standards, rich history and/or distinctive styling. But when you throw active environmental stewardship into the mix, it raises the pride and satisfaction of owning a Land Rover to a whole new level.