What female drivers want in an Aston Martin

Does Aston Martin Know What Female Drivers Want?

It’s been all over the news recently. Women are becoming more influential in new vehicle purchases. Recent research shows women now influence between 70% and 80% of new vehicle purchases.

This might be due to more single women buying vehicles, more women in relationships buying their own vehicles and more women in relationships influencing the purchase of shared vehicles.

But whatever it is, it isn’t news. We only need to go back to the development of the Range Rover over 50 years ago to see why.

The original Land Rover was an immediate hit after it’s introduction in 1948. But it took the company just three years to realize, if they didn’t develop a more “urban” version, one that at least in part catered to what female drivers want, their markets would be forever limited. That more urban Land Rover finally emerged in 1970 as the Range Rover.

What Women Drivers Want from Aston Martin

Considering their huge influence on new vehicle purchases, it’s no wonder even high-end carmakers like Aston Martin are introducing vehicles aimed squarely at female drivers. And it did so by developing its first-ever SUV, the DBX.

Aston Martin’s Global Marketing Director, Simon Sproule, has told interviewers that the company did “comprehensive research” relating to the new vehicle how to give female drivers what they want.

“[Women] want to feel safe, they want to be protected, they want to be able to see ahead. The SUV class of cars have attributes that correlate more strongly with what women want,” says Sproule.

The ladies out there will soon get a chance to decide for themselves whether Aston Martin knows what they want. The DBX is expected to make its debut in November 2019, at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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