How To Lower Your Jaguar & Land Rover Repair Costs

That’s something you don’t read every day, eh? “Lower Jaguar and Land Rover repair costs”?  We might joke, but we know better than most that service and repairs costs for high-end vehicles can be exorbitant. Some might say excessive.

Of course, it makes sense. You’re not going to find Jaguar or Land Rover fuel injector parts or servicing at Canadian Tire.

But the problem is compounded when service centres, knowing that Jaguar and Land Rover drivers expect high maintenance costs, take advantage of the expectation to either do work that isn’t required, or to overcharge.

3 Ways to Keep Your Jaguar & Land Rover Repair Costs in Check

Regardless of where you go for Jaguar auto repairs, use the following tips to minimize the bill. 

  1. Ask Questions – If you tend to nod “yes” when the mechanic says your brakes need servicing, stop doing that. Ask them to explain the problems. And about any alternatives to the service they suggest.

  2. Get to Know Your Owner’s Manual – First, if all you do is familiarize yourself with the maintenance schedule for your vehicle, you’ll have done a lot to avoid unnecessary maintenance and repairs. If you’re told your spark plugs need replacing, but you know they are not due to be replaced according to the maintenance schedule, you can ask questions. That said, if you know that your driving conditions or habits contribute to more or less wear and tear on the vehicle, you should take that into account.

  3. Don’t Try to Save Too Much – If you find a repair shop whose quotes and prices are unbelievably low, don’t believe them. You’re either setting yourself up for substandard parts and service, or for unexpected additions to your bill after work has started (and they still have your car captive on their hoist), or both.

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