Most Common Jaguar Repair Issues

Jaguars Repair Issues Canada

Jaguars are one of the most sought-after luxury cars. Perfectly combining their recognizable design with prestige and performance, Jaguars have always been the driver’s machine, and incredible mechanical devices engineered for pure driving pleasure.

However, cars with such advanced technology are often considered problematic and can develop a multitude of issues.

What Are the Main Problems Affecting Jaguars?

Transmission Failure

In older models, almost all current Jaguar cars use automatic transmissions, notably ZF 8HP or 6HP boxes. Even though this is a largely dependable gearbox, it does not come without its share of problems. In Jaguar cars, transmission is known to have trouble changing gears, switching between modes, and developing grinding sounds and clunks when shifting.

A complete rebuild is required if you want your Jaguar to work as new when this problem occurs. While most transmission problems have been solved in newer cars, older models are still prone to failure.

Coolant Loss and Overheating

Losing your coolant and overheating your car is frustrating, and can lead to fatal engine failure. These issues are known to be common in Jaguar cars due to plastic coolant reservoirs, which crack and cause coolant leaks. If you notice your coolant puddling underneath your vehicle, visit a repair service straight away, as this issue will most likely only worsen from thereon.

Lack of coolant will also result in overheating, which is dangerous and can ruin your engine. Since most Jaguar models have aluminum cylinder heads, overheating can cause them to bend slightly. You will need extensive mechanical work to return your engine to total working capacity.

Wheel Nut Problems

The problem with Jaguar’s wheel nuts is quite simple and has to do with the type of materials used for wheel nut covers. When the wheel nut cap is exposed to high or low temperatures and rust, the wheel nut cover deforms, making it impossible for a wrench to fit. Thus, it becomes impossible to take the wheel off the car.

When wheel nuts are stuck or deformed, taking them off with standard tools is practically impossible, and you will have to wait for the tow truck.

Engine Problems

The most common engine problems with Jaguar cars come down to faulty timing chains. The chain itself is not the issue, but their plastic tensions can cause chains to rattle and eventually snap, ruining the engine.

If you notice a rattling noise when cold starting your engine, you may be experiencing this problem. The solution is to replace the entire chain assembly with a newer, more durable one.

Electronic Systems

Sometimes, Jaguars can develop electronic system, component, and sensor issues. You might notice that some features have stopped working, or get warning lights and signals for something that is, in fact, in working order.

Such a problem will require the attention of electronic specialists who will determine if it is a major issue or just a few blown fuses.

Ways to Make Your Jaguar Last Longer

The key to making your Jaguar last longer is proper maintenance by an experienced specialist such as our team at Westminster Motors. Following a regular service schedule, annual checks, and always using quality parts and components is vital.

At Westminster Motors, we are dedicated to offering our experience and expertise to keep your Jaguar running smoothly and without any major issues, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your driving experience.