Troubleshooting Land Rover Check Engine Light

Land Rover Check Engine Fix in Toronto

What Is a Check Engine Light Indicator?

The check engine light is a visual icon on your dashboard which serves as a warning sign indicating that there might be something wrong with your engine. This universal symbol has been a standard feature on all vehicles produced from 1996 onwards. It works with the OBD II diagnostic system used to read the faulty codes of the engine and determine the reasons for the check engine light.

There is no motorist in the world who hasn’t experienced a check engine light in their vehicle at least once in their lifetime, making it recognizable even to people who are not mechanically inclined.

What Causes Problems That Trigger the Land Rover Check Engine Light?

There are many reasons for the check engine to appear, and they generally mean that one of the several sensors located in the engine has detected something is not right, and is reporting it as an error code. Even though you might not hear or feel anything or experience a change in performance, the check engine light could still appear, suggesting you need to pay attention. Most owners encounter problems with their fuel system, exhaust system, misfire, intake system, or etc.

Since there are so many things that can result in the appearance of a check engine light, car engineers have designed a system that can provide drivers with information to help them determine the reason for the icon appearing on their dash without the use of OBD II diagnostic tools – but, how do you know if your check engine light is serious?

The problem might not be that serious when the check engine light is solid. However, when the check engine is flashing, this means that the issue probably requires specialist attention.

Land Rover Check Engine Light Codes

There are hundreds of reasons why your check engine light may be appearing on your dashboard. The most common reasons for this unwanted symbol are to show engine misfire, problems with the intake, fuel system, compression, exhaust system, lack of power, engine computer, and so on. Sometimes it is just a loose gas cap, but other times, it is much more severe than that.

Faulty Spark Plugs: If you own a gasoline-powered Land Rover, worn or wrongly installed spark plugs will result in a check engine light and also will reduce power or cause a misfire.

Problems with Electronics: Some Land Rover models are known to have electrical issues, and the check engine light will immediately appear when this happens. It can be followed by a lack of some vehicle functions.

Transmission Issues: Since the gearbox is part of the vehicle's drive train, any issues with it will result in a check engine light.

O2 Sensors, EGR Valves, or DPF: Whenever there is a problem with the intake or exhaust system, the check engine will appear. Sometimes, when the issue is more serious, the error code will be followed with the so-called "Safe Mode," in which the vehicle will deliver limited power output and speed in order to preserve the engine.

Old Battery: When the car's computer detects the insufficient voltage coming from the battery, it will signal it through the check engine light.

Most Common Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

Check Engine Light Comes On After Refueling

When this happens, the first thing you want to check is the gas cap. If you leave your tank open, the car's sensor will signal it through the check engine light. If this is not the case, the reason for the check engine might be the wrong type of fuel.

Check Engine Light Is Still On After Refilling the Coolant

When this happens, ensure that you have topped the coolant tank with the appropriate type of antifreeze. The check engine light still on could signal that you have a problem with the thermostat or a coolant leak.

Check Engine Light Comes On When Gas Is Low

First of all, the check engine light shouldn't be on when you are low on gas. However, if this does happen, this could mean your fuel pump is failing, losing pressure, or clogged. In any case, you should check it as soon as possible.

Range Rover Service Light Won't Reset

After dealing with the issues marked by the check engine light, it is essential to reset the sensors and clear the error code. This is done through the OBD II diagnostic tool, or through your board computer. However, what do you do when the service light just won't reset, even though you followed all the steps?

This could mean two things: first, there is some issue you hadn't addressed, or second, the sensors are broken and send faulty signals to the vehicle's computer. Either way, you will need to take your car to professional mechanics.

Land Rover Check Engine Is Flashing

When you see your check engine light flashing on your dashboard, you know there is a significant issue with your car. The flashing sequence is designed to capture your attention and emphasize the seriousness of the problem. The most common reasons for flashing are problems with the fuel injection system, severe mechanical breakdown, or electrical failure. Whatever the issue, immediate attention from specialists is required.

Land Rover Check Engine Light Reset

It is possible to reset the check engine light by yourself – all you need to do is disconnect the car battery for about a minute, leaving the car's central computer without power so that it will reset all of its functions. First, locate the car battery and negative terminal (black cap marked with the "-" symbol). Disconnect it and wait for 30 to 60 seconds. Then, connect it back on and start the car. Make sure to follow all safety requirements during this process.

How to Schedule Service for Your Land Rover

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