What Is the Best Used Land Rover to Buy?

For over seven decades, the Land Rover has been one of the world's best-known off-road vehicles, shaping the car industry and helping create the SUV market we know today. Over the years, Land Rover has produced many memorable models that have earned it the legendary status it currently holds. It is therefore understandable that most people would want a Land Rover in their own driveway, whether or not they are dedicated off-road drivers or just want a safe and comfortable SUV for their family.

The question then emerges: how do you find out which exact vehicle you need, or whether you should go for classic or modern models?

Reasons to Buy a Land Rover

There are several strong reasons to buy a Land Rover product: first of all, in a world of dozens of generic SUVs, Land Rover models have distinctive designs and appearances which make them recognizable and unique. Models like Velar or the Range Rover captivate the attention of buyers with unmistakable style, presence, and prestige. As luxury products, Land Rovers are always equipped with the latest features and safety equipment, making them very competitive in today's market. Land Rovers have also always been capable of all-terrain vehicles, with some versions and models being primarily constructed for extreme use.

However, the reasons for getting a Land Rover shouldn't be limited to the benefits of the newest models. Classic Land Rovers have recently experienced a significant spike in prices, with models such as the Land Rover Series I to III, Defenders, and early Discovery all cherished by collectors. The classic Range Rover is probably the most sought-after model, and has cemented its status as a classic car.

Top 5 Land Rover Models to Buy

1. Land Rover Defender

Combining the timeless style of classic Defenders with modern technology and features, this is one of the best Land Rover models out there. A wide range of available engines and two body styles will perform well in urban conditions, while continuing to feel at home when the tarmac stops. It is available with a V8 engine, adding incredible performance to the mix, along with a long list of options that you can use to customize its appearance further.

2. Range Rover

As one of the models that helped propel the SUV industry forwards in the early '70s, the Range Rover is still at the top of its class. With the all-new 2022 model, Range Rover continues with its legacy of superb engineering, unmatched luxury, endless options, and recognizable style, all of which make it unique. If you’re looking for a luxury SUV that can do everything, look no further than this one - staying true to the original concept, this Range Rover will not let you down in off-road driving.

3. Range Rover Velar

The Velar is a very special model: it is unmistakably a Range Rover, but with sporty pretensions and driving dynamics closer to the performance of a sedan than to the five-seater SUV. It is designed for people who need a fast and comfortable highway cruiser that is exciting to drive and capable of tackling any road conditions. With up to 340 hp in the R-Dynamic S model, the Velar is a sports car for people who need an SUV.

4. Land Rover Discovery

While not as flashy as a Range Rover, the Discovery is the best of both worlds. Its recognizable design, upscale features, and capable drive train represent a mid-size SUV that is equally good on and off-road. Its best features include a comfortable interior, big trunk, and seven seats which render the Discovery a proper family-oriented SUV with numerous talents. It can even be had with a 355 hp engine, which guarantees substantial on-road performance.

5. Range Rover Evoque

The most affordable Land Rover is the Evoque, a compact SUV designed for urban conditions and light off-road driving. Despite being the smallest in the range, the Evoque is still well-equipped, powerful, and capable and perfect for customers who want a recognizable Land Rover product but in a compact package. Its smaller dimensions don't mean less practicality: the Evoque will surprise you with its roomy interior, luxury features, and roomy trunk.

Which Land Rover Is Right for You?

The final decision on which Land Rover model is right for you should be based on your preferences and needs. If you are drawn to the Land Rover brand for its off-road heritage and you want to explore the great outdoors yourself, then the Defender is a perfect choice. Meanwhile, if you want a balance between a capable off-roader and a family vehicle, the Discovery should do the trick. If you find yourself looking for a driver's car and highway missile, you should consider buying a Velar. The Range Rover Evoque is ideal for a customer looking for a daily commuter car that is stylish and fun, but for those who are craving the best and most exclusive option out there, there is only one choice - the Range Rover. This top-of-the-line Land Rover is your personal luxury suite on wheels, and will provide you with the ultimate SUV experience unlike any other similar model on the market.

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