Here are the auto paint protection coating, outlined by Westminster Motors

The Benefits of Auto Paint Protection Coating

Even if you have the good fortune to drive a Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley or Aston Martin, it doesn’t your vehicle is immune from paint fading, rock chips and scratches due to sun exposure and daily wear and tear. In just the past few years, new auto paint protection coatings have emerged to help drivers battle the onslaught against their vehicle’s paint finish.

You might have seen the “mud-test” television commercials or YouTube videos (here’s one on a Land Rover) where part of a car’s paint is treated with a nano-ceramic coating and an adjacent part left untreated. When muddy water is thrown onto both parts, it simply rolls off the coated surface, while it remains on the unprotected paint surface.

Other Benefits of Automotive Paint Coating Protection

Depending on how well it’s applied, the following are among the benefits you may expect after treating your car’s exterior with paint protection film.

  1. Fewer Swirl Marks – They seem to appear out of nowhere to mar your vehicle’s factory paint finish. Ceramic coatings have been shown to reduce the appearance of existing swirl marks and to help prevent new ones from occurring.
  2. Scratch & Chemical Resistance – Ceramic coatings are a top coat that applied in more than one layer of protection. The foundation layer bonds to the existing paint surface and additional layers help to seal it. In addition to being water repellent, the additional protective layers offer a certain level of scratch resistance and chemical resistance (like road tar).
  3. Easier to Clean – You may have heard that protection coatings mean you don’t have to wash your car. That’s a myth, but they do make washing your vehicle faster and easier, and they reduce those pesky water spots.

Whether or not you choose ceramic paint protection for your vehicle, if you’re looking for dealership-alternative Jaguar and Land Rover auto repair, you’ll find it right here at Westminster Motors.

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