Westminster Motors is proud to announce that they are now a certified Bentley mechanic offering repairs and diagnostics.

Bentley Mechanic: Diagnosis and Repair Services

We are happy to announce that Westminster Motors is now a certified Bentley mechanic offering full diagnostic and repair services with a fully-trained and equipped facility!

Maybe you like the idea of driving a car that’s venerated around the world. Or maybe you appreciate a unique marriage of ultra-high-performance and uncompromising luxury. Or maybe you simply want to drive one of the best-built, most reliable automobiles ever.

Regardless of your reasons for owning and driving a Bentley, there are a number of benefits that come from doing so. Finding the right Bentley mechanic to service and maintain your vehicle is imperative to maintaining its health, performance, and its overall aesthetic.

Dealer-Equivalent Licensed & Approved Diagnostic & Programming Equipment for Bentleys

If you like the idea of being able to service and repair your Bentley at a fully-trained and equipped facility that’s in one of the easiest to access locations in Toronto and the GTA, have we got some good news for you!

We are very pleased to announce that we can now perform Bentley diagnostics and repairs in-house here at Westminster Motors. We have recently invested in the same diagnostic and programming equipment and software platform used by Bentley dealers. This means we can now offer Bentley owners the same factory-scheduled services, using warranty-approved equipment and materials as our Jaguar and Land Rover customers rely on.

And, as always, you’ll enjoy the value-added touches that our customers expect, including a concise and factual pre- and post-repair consultation to ensure that you remain 100% informed about your investment.


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Where to get Bentley diagnosis and repairs done | Westminster Motors

The Availability of Approved Bentley Diagnosis and Repair Facilities in Toronto

Admit it, there are times when, as a scheduled maintenance service approaches. You wish you could pop into a local service centre to get the job done. Instead of heading to a few-and-far-between Bentley dealership.

But you know that maintaining the standards of the automobile you chose means you must use service facilities with trained technicians. Bentley licensed and approved diagnostic and programming equipment and a Bentley-specific service software and platform.

After all, you made a significant investment in your vehicle. So it only makes sense to maintain that investment.

Well, now, Westminster Motors has made an investment for you.