11 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Purring

Yes, we thought we’d get cute and use “purring” in the title because we offer dealer equivalent Jaguar parts and service in Toronto. But the tips we have for you below apply to Land Rovers, Bentleys and Aston Martins just as well – and we offer dealer-equivalent parts and service for those marques too! 

Except, if we’re here to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly, why should you bother with maintenance? In addition to the usual “make your vehicle last longer” and “improve resale value” answers, recent news and events lead us to write this post. 

Your vehicle can be an escape for you. A chance to get out of the house and go see something new. And you don’t need any unexpected costs now as much as ever. 

General Maintenance Steps for Your Vehicle

Make no mistake, you’re not going to be able to swap out your transmission for a new one after reading these tips. But, as simple as they may be, sticking to the following steps for maintaining your Jaguar can make a big difference in the cost of keeping your car purring.

  1. Monthly Maintenance

    1. Check your tire pressure and tread – Keeping your tires properly inflated can be one of the best things you can do, at any cost, to keep your performance as expected. And tire tread seems to be in good condition, until it isn’t.

    2. Check all interior and exterior lights – See and be seen!

    3. Check windshield fluid levels – Especially in winter.

  2. Quarterly Maintenance

    1. Check the engine oil levels – If tire pressure is one of the best things you can do for performance, regular oil changes are one of the best things you can do for engine lifespan. And to avoid large repair bills.

    2. Check transmission and power steering fluids – Whether automatic or manual, transmission fluid levels are key to efficient shifting and engine economy.

    3. Check the air filter and fluid filter – Make sure they are clean and clear.

    4. Check all belts and hoses – Check belts for signs of wear and that they are at the right tension. Check hoses for signs of wear too and make sure their connections are tight.

  3. Semi-Annual Maintenance

    1. Check the windshield wipers – Maybe a better way of putting this is, how long are you going to put up with the streaking?

    2. Check the battery and its cables – You wouldn’t believe how many battery “issues” are just loose or corroded cables.

  4. Annual Maintenance

    1. Check your coolant levels – Running too hot or too cold can cause a range of problems.

    2. Check your brakes – Look for signs of facing under heavy braking.

Want to learn more about why regular maintenance is important? Check out our post “3 Advantages of Keeping Your Jaguar Properly Maintained”.