How to Charge a Jaguar I-Pace

How to Charge a Jaguar I-Pace

Unless you own one, or have done your research, how to charge an electric car may be a bit of a mystery. The Jaguar I-Pace is the company’s first all-electric vehicle. Fortunately, with a number of all-electric vehicles preceding it, Jaguar was able to learn from their experience and the I-Pace features easy charging at home or at public charging stations.

How to Charge a Jaguar I-Pace at Home

The I-Pace uses the common CSS (Combo Charging System) standard, which features a combined AC/DC inlet port, which allows for both slow and fast charging.

Using the charging connectors that come with the vehicle, you can charge an I-Pace by simply plugging it into a home power outlet. But don’t expect to get a full charge any time soon. 

Without a separate home charger from a third-party supplier, or Jaguar’s recommended wall box, you won’t be able to get the battery fully charged overnight due to the slower charging rates. Still, if your commute or daily use is less than 60 kilometres, you can get by with just the regular outlet and the onboard charger, depending on your driving style.

With a separate home charger or Jaguar’s wall box, you can expect to get in full charge from “empty”, enough to drive Jaguar’s stated range of 377 km, in about 10 hours.

How to Charge an I-Pace at Public Charging Stations

Many workplaces, shopping malls and even restaurants offer public charge stations, all of which are compatible with the I-Pace’s system. Many of them are free to use. Many also offer a rapid-charge option that can deliver up to 80% of a full charge in as little as 40 minutes.

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