Bentley Engine Maintenance Tips to Maximize Resale Value

There are those who complain about the cost of maintaining a Bentley engine. Of course, Bentley upholds unusually high standards of design, performance and refinement. It is therefore only logical that maintaining Bentley’s standards requires a higher level, and cost, of maintenance and repair.

Still, even those who understand the idea of “highly refined automobile = increased cost of maintenance” can’t get over the extent of the higher costs.

For them, we have two points. First, never look at bills you pay to keep your Bentley on the road as a “cost”. Instead, they are an investment in the resale value of your automobile. Second, there are a few things you can do yourself to help that resale value too.

3 Tips for Bentley Engine Maintenance to Maximize Resale Value

  • Replace & Top-Up Fluids Regularly – How would you be doing if you were down a pint of blood?! Probably a little sluggish! Your Bentley uses many different fluids to perform a number of different functions, from power steering fluid and brake fluid for safety, to coolant and engine oil for engine performance.

    For those fluids to perform their crucial functions, they must be kept at the proper level, not too much, not too little; and they must be as clean and pure as possible.

But a word of caution, some fluids are easier to maintain than others. Checking coolant levels can be relatively easy without too much risk. But it’s not necessarily so for other fluids, like brake and transmission fluid, which can easily become contaminated even when you’re just checking levels.

And it is crucial that any fluids you use meet Bentley’s OEM specifications.

  • Replace the Air Filter Regularly – The air filter is the only thing standing between the dust, dirt and debris on the road, and your engine’s internal components. If your air filter is anything other than white, or slightly off-white, it’s time to replace it with one that meets Bentley’s specifications. If not, you may start to notice reductions in power and fuel efficiency.

  • Find a Reliable Dealer-Alternative Bentley Auto Repair Centre – Yes, this isn’t a DIY idea. But it can save you a lot of money! The fact is, unless you are a trained Bentley mechanic, anything you do to your car runs the risk of not being done to the correct standards. And you’ll need more detailed maintenance and service at some point anyway. So the sooner you find a dealer-alternative Bentley maintenance and repair shop, the sooner you’ll start lowering your inevitable Bentley repair costs. And the sooner you’ll start maintaining those standards that are a major reason why you bought your Bentley in the first place.

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