Here's some tips to help you buy and maintain your Land Rover.

How to Buy & Maintain a Pre-Owned Land Rover Defender

When we told you about “The Return of the Land Rover Defender” last year, 2020 seemed a long way off. Well, it’s a heck of a lot closer now and the new Defender, a direct descendant of the original Land Rover Series I, is almost on the streets.

Considering our role in offering dealership-alternative Land Rover parts and service, the arrival of the new flagship made us wonder about what it would mean for existing Defenders; those that last rolled off the line in 2016.

No doubt they will become instant classics, tif they haven’t done so already. 

So, if you’re a privileged owner of a Defender, or you want to invest in one before things get out of hand, we’ve put together the following tips for buying and maintaining a Land Rover Defender.  

Pay Attention to the Following When Buying & Maintaining a Defender

Pre-owned Defenders come in a number of versions and each one has its own needs. Generally speaking, if you look for and maintain the following, your Defender will be better off for it.

  1. Check the Paperwork – Owners should keep maintenance records to maximize the value of the vehicle and buyers should check the paperwork. The vehicle should have been serviced by a dealership-alternative service centre or by Land Rover at least annually.

  2. Inspect the Chassis – Owners should do everything they can to minimize rust. As a buyer, get under the vehicle to check for chassis rust and damage, and suspension damage. Defender’s body panels are aluminum, but other structural parts, like door frames, are steel and subject to rust.

  3. Pay Attention to the Following Parts – Especially on older Land Rover engines, the cambelts and head gaskets should be replaced regularly. Turbochargers, fuel injection pumps and the synchromesh on gearboxes can wear out.

You should also drive the vehicle to test the transfer box and the four-wheel drive system. When you do, engage the differential to check that it’s in good order. Keep an ear out for knocking from the suspension.

4. Check the Recalls – Like every vehicle on the road, the Defender has been subject to some recalls. It’s important that they were heeded.

If you would like a professional opinion of the condition of a Defender that you’re thinking of buying, bring it into Westminster Motor Co. for a complimentary pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

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