Avo Demirjian

Contributor and expert in the world of automobiles

CEO Westminster Motor Corporation

Avo Demirjian is not just a car enthusiast: he is a seasoned expert in the world of automobiles. As the Owner of Westminster Motor Corp., Avo's impressive education and extensive job experience have solidified his reputation as a trusted source for all things related to cars, car repair, and luxury brands like Land Rover, Jaguar, and Bentley.

Avo Demirjian

Avo's educational journey speaks volumes about his dedication to mastering his craft. He completed the Jaguar Land Rover Western Regional Academy's accelerated technician training program, which equipped him with in-depth knowledge of these prestigious brands. Additionally, he attended Centennial College, where he honed his skills as a motor vehicle mechanic and became a certified drive clean test and repair technician.

Avo's expertise extends even further, as he is recognized as an internal combustion alternate fuel expert.

With a rich history in the automotive industry, Avo Demirjian's career boasts significant achievements. He served as the shop foreman for a renowned Land Rover and Jaguar dealership, where he perfected his craft and immersed himself in the intricacies of luxury vehicle maintenance. His family background in automotive trades further underscores his passion and commitment to the field - since 1978, his father has owned and operated an automotive shop, instilling in Avo a deep-rooted love for cars.

In April 2010, Avo decided to leverage his wealth of experience and expertise by offering an alternative service solution for owners of luxury brands. He believed that he had more to offer, and Westminster Motor Corp. became the embodiment of his dedication to providing top-notch service and insightful knowledge to car enthusiasts and luxury car owners alike.

Avo Demirjian's talents, abilities, and hobbies are not just a part of his life; they are his life. His unwavering dedication to the automotive world has made him a trusted authority in car repair, luxury vehicles, and all things related to cars. With Avo at the helm, Westminster Motor Corp. is the go-to destination for automotive enthusiasts seeking unparalleled expertise and service.

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